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Acknowledgements for previous updates

Partial updates were carried out between the original version in 1992 and the new edition in 2000. Members of the documentation subcommittee, which later became the scientific validation committee for the documentation and management guides of the Info-Muse Network, were a great help in these updates. They were mentioned in the acknowledgements for the first edition and we wish to express our gratitude once again for the time they devoted to this task. The updates were carried out with the help of professionals specializing in a number of the disciplines concerned (note that some of these people may have moved on to new positions in the meantime).

March 1, 1993 update

The March 1, 1993 update was carried out by Anne-Marie Chevrier, at the time a documentation technician with the Info-Muse Network, who outdid herself to complete the work by the deadline. We also wish to thank the experts consulted for the update: for the Current Condition field, Rodrigue Bédard, head of the Conservation Department at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Claude Belleau, conservator and co-ordinator of conservation projects with the Musée du Québec, André Bergeron, conservator and workshop head for the archaeology and ethnology section at the Centre de conservation du Québec, Bruno Pouliot, conservator of three-dimensional objects with the McCord Museum of Canadian History; for the Acquisition Mode field, Maurice Binette, director of the Pointe-du-Buisson Archaeological Park, Jacques Messier, information technician at the literature and humanities library of the Université de Montréal, Jean Soublière, cataloguer at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and Élaine Tolmatch, head of the collections management department at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

February 28, 1994 update

In February 1994, the Rock Name, Chemical Classification, Associated Species and Mine fields were added to the section on natural sciences. Serge Gaudard, curator with the Musée minéralogique et minier de Thetford Mines, once again loaned his valuable support.

March 30, 1995 update

The March 30, 1995 update was carried out by museologist Thérèse Labbé. Working with Ms. Labbé was a pleasure, thanks to her wide-ranging skills and her constant quest for perfection. We called on the following experts for this update, and we wish to thank them here: for the Military Unit field, Pierre Sénécal, OMM, CD, Brigadier General and curator with the Museum of the Royal 22e Régiment at the Citadel in Quebec City; for the Lithostratigraphic Unit field, Daniel Lamothe, geologist with the Quebec Department of energy and resources, and co-author of Géologie du Québec, Quebec City, Les Publications du Québec, 1994, 154 p.; for the Type Status field, Robert Gauthier, curator with the Herbier Louis-Marie of Université Laval in Quebec City.

September 1, 1998 update

This update was co-ordinated by Madeleine Lafaille, advisor on computerization of collections with the Info-Muse Network, and dealt essentially with the Info-Muse classification system for ethnology, history and historical archaeology museums. A scientific validation committee was struck to review and adapt the system. The committee consisted of Suzanne Lachance, registrar with Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History; Paul-Aimé Lacroix, registrar with the Canadian Parks Service; Lise Nadeau, registrar with the Musée du Québec; Guy Toupin, curator-registrar with the Musée de la civilisation and Wendy Thomas, product manager with the Canadian Heritage Information Network. Along with this committee, Louise Pothier, of Groupe PGV Diffusion de l'archéologie, and Marc Côté, Director of Corporation Archéo-08, reviewed the issue of classifying archaeological collections.

Françoise Simard
Manager, Info-Muse Network
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