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Trademark (Identification)

Field used for science and technology collectionsSociété des musées québécois Info-Muse database field


  • This field contains the trademark of the object.


  1. The trademark is the name registered with the Trademarks Office by a manufacturer or dealer, to distinguish its product from those of its competitors.1
  2. The trademark is generally a proper name beginning with a capital letter, and may be accompanied by one of the following symbols: ® for "Registered," ™ for "Trademark" or MC for "Marque de commerce."

    A Vernois-brand stove

      Object Namestove
    Trademark Vernois
  3. The trademark is normally marked on one side of the object. It may also be marked on the nameplate attached to the object.

Entry rules:

  1. Enter the full trademark, making sure to respect the spelling and capitalization as registered by the manufacturer.
  2. Do not use your own translation.
  3. When the trademark exists in several languages, including English or French, enter the trademark in the language used to document your collections, regardless of what is marked on the object.
  4. If you are unsure whether your information is correct, include a space and a question mark after the keyword.

    Trademark Remington ?
  5. If there is no trademark, leave this field blank.
  6. This field may contain multiple entries separated by a semicolon followed by a space.

    An automobile manufactured by the Suzuki company is marketed under two registered names, Pontiac and Firefly.

      Object Name automobile
    TrademarkPontiac; Firefly
      Manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation

  1. You can consult the Trade-marks Office to confirm your information. The Canadian Trade-marks Database is accessible through the Website of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ( [Information up to date as of June 20, 2006]. © Société des musées du Québec