Documenting Your Collections
Info-Muse Network Documentation Guide

Les guides électroniques de la SMQ

Documentation tools developed by the Info-Muse Network


The Info-Muse Network has prepared four guides that are highly useful to registrars and collections managers wishing to plan the computerization of textual data and the digitization of the images of objects in their collections.

Documentation tips and bibliographies

In addition to these guides, in order to better meet the needs of the museum community, the Info-Muse Network also offers documentation tips and selected bibliographies. These tools are intended to offer a framework and guidelines for computerized collection management.

  • Documentation tips

    Initially intended for members of the Network, the documentation tips cover specific problems related to documenting collections and suggest appropriate solutions and approaches. They are based on analyses of sample records conducted by the Info-Muse Network team and field consultations with different institutions. These tips are an opportunity to share research results and the most useful resources as widely as possible.

  • Selected bibliographies

    The bibliographies suggested by the Info-Muse Network team are appreciated by users seeking reference works. The selection of titles and Websites is based on the relevance and accessibility of the documents in question. These bibliographies are regularly updated. © Société des musées du Québec