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Colour (Physical Description)

Field to be used with an authority listField used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)


  • This field contains the colours of the object and references to the colour chart.


  1. For better search results in your database, avoid a large variety of terms; draw up an authority list and add keywords as necessary.
  2. Use a colour chart for prehistoric archaeology.

Entry rules:

  1. This field may contain multiple entries separated by a semicolon followed by a space. Enter the names of colours, from the most predominant to the least predominant.

     Object Name textile fragment
    Colour pink; blue
  2. When you use a colour chart to define colours, enter the colour followed by a comma, a space and the colour chart reference.

     Object Name potsherd
      Material glass
    Colour blue, Munsell 8/1 10YR © Société des musées du Québec