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Cataloguer Remarks (Cataloguing)

Field used for ethnology and history collectionsField used for fine and decorative arts collectionsField used for science and technology collectionsField used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)Field used for natural science collections


  • This field contains remarks by the individual(s) who documented the object.


  • Remarks fields are used to enter information that does not belong in any other field.

    The donor of a basket, acquired in 1929, mentioned that the object was from the Baulé culture. More in-depth research proved that he was mistaken.

      Object Namebasket
    Cataloguer Remarks Despite the information provided by the donor in 1929, this basket is not from the Baulé culture.

Entry rules:

  1. Note the information clearly, concisely and consistently.
  2. To keep an audit trail of this field, enter the cataloguer's initials in parentheses after each remark.

    A ceremonial belt was documented by Amrik Singh on November 9, 1990 and by Monica Szoleski on April 24, 1992. Each one entered a remark in the Cataloguer Remarks field.

      Object Namebelt
      Cataloguer Szoleski, Monica; Singh, Amrik
     Catalogue Date 1992-04-24; 1990-11-09
    Cataloguer Remarks This object should be transferred to the metals reserve in the vault as soon as possible (M.S.). The three oval plates on the belt are gold (A.S.). © Société des musées du Québec