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Site Type (Site Data)

Field to be used with an authority listField used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)


  • This field contains the type name assigned to the site, defined according to structures, remains or traces of occupation.


  1. The different types are defined according to the successive functions of the site.
  2. For better search results in your database, avoid a large variety of terms; draw up an authority list and add keywords as necessary.

    Example :
  3. This field is used in conjunction with the Site Type Class field.

Entry rules:

  1. If you have more specific information on the site type, enter the generic term followed by a comma, a space and the specific term.

     Site Type Classhistoric
    Site Type technological, oven
  2. This field may contain multiple entries separated by a semicolon followed by a space. Enter the information beginning with the oldest period and match each entry with the information in the Site Type Class field.

    A prehistoric site used successively as a food cache and a campsite

     Site Type Class prehistoric; prehistoric
    Site Type habitation, food cache; habitation, campsite
  3. If you are unsure whether your information is correct, include a space and a question mark after the keyword.

    A contemporary site that was probably used as a stable

     Site Type Classcontemporary
    Site Typehabitation ?
  4. If no research has been done to identify the site type, leave this field blank. © Société des musées du Québec