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History of Use (Physical Description)

Field used for ethnology and history collectionsField used for science and technology collectionsField used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)Société des musées québécois Info-Muse database field


  • This field contains descriptive information on the function or use of the object.


  1. This field contains details on the original function or use of an object.

      Object Category Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
      Object Sub-category Medical & Psychological T&E
      Object Nameauger
    History of Use instrument used to pierce holes in bones
  2. N.B.: Some objects may have been altered for uses other than their original intended function. Enter any such changes here. It is important not to confuse this field with the Object Category and Object Sub-category fields. According to the Info-Muse classification system for ethnology, history and historical archaeology museums, the classification and name of an object are determined based on its original use.1

      Object Category Distribution & Transportation Artifacts
      Object Sub-categoryContainer
      Object Name oil barrel
    History of Use oil barrel converted to a stove at a logging camp
  3. N.B.: Do not confuse the History of Use field with the Operating Principle field. The History of Use field contains information on the different uses of the object, whereas the Operating Principle field contains a brief description of the object's operating mechanisms.

    A Gregory telescope used for stargazing

      Object NameGregory telescope
    History of Use stargazing
     Operating Principle The image is reflected in the first mirror and then in the second, where the image is inverted, before being reflected into the dual eyepiece.

Entry rule:

  • The History of Use field is particularly useful when information is entered clearly, concisely and consistently.

      Object Name clawfoot bathtub
    History of Use clawfoot bathtub converted into a cattle trough

  1. Some exceptions may apply. For details on the classification of objects according to their functions, see the section of the guide entitled "The Info-Muse classification system for ethnology, history and historical archaeology museums." © Société des musées du Québec