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Collector Number (Collection)

Field used for natural science collections


  • This field contains the number assigned to the specimen in the field.


  1. You can find the reference to this number in the field notes or preliminary reports.
  2. N.B.: Do not confuse this field with the Previous Number field, which contains a former accession number or an expired cataloguing number.
  3. This field is used in conjunction with the Collector field.

    A stiff club-moss plant harvested on July 9, 1981 by Jerczy Tilovski

      Genus Lycopodium
      Collecting Methodharvested
      Collector Tilovski, Jerczy
    Collector Number JT17
      Date Collected 1981-07-09

Entry rules:

  1. Enter the number or code assigned to the specimen by the person who collected it.

    A quartz specimen, rock crystal variety, found by Hernando Falates on November 20, 1987

      Discipline mineralogy
      Species quartz
      Variety rock crystal
      Collecting Methodfound
      Collector Falates, Hernando
    Collector Number F86-1830
      Date Collected 1987-11-20
  2. This field may not contain more than one entry. © Société des musées du Québec