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Geological Period (Specimen/Description)

Field to be used with an authority listField used for natural science collectionsSociété des musées québécois Info-Muse database field


  • This field contains information on the geological period in which the specimen originated.


  1. For better search results in your database, avoid a large variety of terms; draw up an authority list and add keywords as necessary.
  2. If the geological period is unknown, enter the geological era of the specimen.

      Discipline paleontology
    Geological Period Mesozoic

Entry rules:

  1. If you know the period and era, enter the period followed by a comma, a space and the name of the era.

      Discipline paleontology
     Genus Camptostroma
      Species roddyi
    Geological PeriodCambrian, Lower
  2. If you are unsure whether your information is correct, include a space and a question mark after the name of the period.
  3. This field may contain multiple entries separated by a semicolon followed by a space.

      Discipline paleontology
    Geological Period Devonian; Carboniferous © Société des musées du Québec