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Originating Locality (Site/Habitat/Origin)

Field used for natural science collections


  • This field contains the name of the locality where the specimen originated.


  • Use this field to provide information on the exact source of the specimen.

    A walleye was caught in the des Hêtres Rapids on the Saint-Maurice River

     Originating CountryCanada
      Originating ProvinceQuebec
    Originating LocalitySaint-Maurice River; des Hêtres Rapids

Entry rules:

  1. Enter the names of the sites or localities in decreasing order of geographic importance. Separate the entries by a semicolon followed by a space.

    A king bolete (steinpilz) was harvested from the forest trail at the Rawdon Marist camp.

      Originating Continent North America
     Originating Country Canada
      Originating Province Quebec
    Originating Locality Rawdon; Marist camp; forest trail
  2. Enter the common name or recognized name of the site where the specimen originated; do not use abbreviations.

    A ragweed plant was harvested from the banks of the Rideau Canal, in Ottawa.

      Discipline botany
     Genus Ambrosia
     Species artemisiifolia
     Originating Country Canada
      Originating Province Ontario
    Originating Locality Ottawa; Rideau Canal © Société des musées du Québec