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It’s almost Halloween ! Dare to plunge into the unknown and have some scary fun in the haunted halls of Quebec’s museums !

Bernard Schütze

Exporail, « Fantômes ferroviaires » / Photo : Exporail

Halloween is just around the corner, get set for a journey of eerie encounters and frightful sights. Quebec's museums have cooked up a potent potion of spooky activities guaranteed to quench your thirst for bloodcurdling thrills and intrepid discoveries. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the many ghoulish activities that await you behind a museum door near you.

Haunted sites and their hidden histories

Get dressed up and head out for an evening of shivers and sweets at the Symmes Inn Museum. Learn about the history of this fascinating 19th century inn as you wander its shadowy rooms, where a ghost or two have been known to roam. For more spooky fun, why not adventure out to Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum to hop on a ghost train and hear the tragic tales of ghosts who have taken a seat in some of the wagons. If you are truly fearless, the Musée acadien du Québec is looking for volunteers to hunt down the six Acadian ghosts who are squatting the museum’s miniature houses depicting the bygone days of  this historical Bonaventure village. Care to meet a more gentle sort of ghost? Then set your foot in the haunted barn at Colby-Curtis Museum. Flashlight in hand, rummage through the dark and creaky place to locate the missing tea set of the resident ghost, Miss Colby.

 Musée Colby-Curtis
Musée Colby-Curtis, « Haunted Barn »

Science wizardry to better face the future and dispel our fears

Pick your favourite costume and get ready for an exciting Halloween evening at the Musée de la civilisation, where you can learn about  waste management solutions to ensure a less scary environment for the future. Equipped with this new knowledge, come join the investigation to track down repurposed objects in the city of Planetopolis (pop.10 billion), so that its children may celebrate Halloween. Are you interested in understanding the science behind the emotion of fear and why we get such a thrill out of being scared? Then make sure to reserve a spot at the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science for the talk aptly titled “An Autopsy of Fear.”

Witches’ brews and magic fun for all

A sweet spell has been put on the garden at the Jardin botanique de Montréal where various bewitching activities will captivate you. Here you can learn how to wield a magic wand, study advanced sorcery or harness the power of plants to brew powerful potions. Completing the program, a show starring a quirky squirrel character and a Japanese paper theatre featuring ogres, demons, ghosts and other frightening characters. Guaranteed Halloween shivers for the whole family! If perfecting your witchcraft is your thing, fly your broom to the Witches’ Village at the Festival de l’Halloween de Charlesbourg. Go house to house to learn new witch tricks and complete your apprenticeship. Continue the festivities at the sorcery marquee for an evening of aerial witch acrobatics, music, a candy hunt and a poisoned tree!

Jardin Botanique
Espace pour la vie | Jardin botanique, « Frissons d'Halloween au Jardin botanique » / Photo : Espace pour la vie/Mélanie Dusseault

Fearsome creatures of the night

For Halloween, the Musée de la Biodiversité invites you to solve riddles and go on a hunt for invisible skeletons hiding out in the prehistory exhibition space. Be warned, it’s dark in there and you will need a UV flashlight to spot the skeletons, which have been painted over in glow-in-the dark ink. If you are brave enough to step into an arachnophobe’s nightmare, the Plains of Abraham Museum has got an eyeful for you. Make your way through the Museum to discover large-format macrophotographs of spiders and related creatures that are here revealed in spine-chilling detail. In keeping with the Halloween spirit, the Redpath Museum has out together an evening of nocturnal discoveries. Wind through the museum’s unique natural sciences and world cultures collection that will be plunged into ghostly darkness for the occasion. With only your flashlight to illuminate your way, who knows what you will set your eyes on, a wide-open dinosaur jaw, or an Egyptian mummy, with curse and all?


Whatever your favourite treat may be, among haunted sites of history, scientific wizardry, sorcery lore, witches’ flights, scary creatures of the night, or a little nibble of everything, Quebec’s museums have plenty in store to satisfy all appetites. Hoping that you will enjoy the frightful sights and unexpected encounters, we wish you a Happy Halloween!