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Field Name Value 
Institution Avataq Cultural Institute
Accession Number DAV.2004.4
Object Category Communication Artifacts
Object Sub-category Original Art, Work on Paper
Object Name print
Quantity 1
Artist/Maker Amittuk, Davidialuk Alaasuaq
Artist/Maker Other Names Alasuaq; Alashuak; Alasua; Amittuq; Ammitu; Amittu; David; Davidealuk; Davidialu
Other Artist/Maker Qumaaluk, Caroline Uquujaq Qilirsuq
Other Artist/Maker Role printer
Title Legend
End Date 1975
Period 4th quarter of the 20th century
Unit Linear cm
Height 48.5
Width 56
Medium ink
Support paper
Technique stonecut
Signature b. : Davidialuk Povungnituq
Inscription b.c. : 55/55 fon/j nNymJ sivgx lm t[txl S[ig fwW vNb 1975 (dédié à Kulisija Légende de Lumaaq Davidialuk Povungnituq Québec Canada 1975)
Subject/Image mythology
Description The print shows the wicked mother, tied to the harpoon line, being carried off by beluga whales.
Narrative The Lumaaq legend tells the story of a blind boy who takes vengeance on his neglectful mother. According to the tale, one day a polar bear approached the igloo where a mother lived with her two children. She asked her blind son to get his bow and arrow to shoot the bear, and helped him aim. After he loosed the arrow, she accused him of killing their dog. The blind boy was then abandoned by his mother. His sister continued to feed him in secret and he dreamed of being able to see again. One day, a loon (tuulliq) guided him to a lake, where he dove in three times and recovered his sight. When he returned to the camp, he saw the polar bear skin stretched out to dry and realized that his mother had lied to him. Pretending to still be blind, he took his harpoon and asked his mother to come whale hunting with him. He convinced her to tie the line around her waist, and then speared a huge beluga, which carried off his evil mother. She was instantly changed into a beluga herself.
Originating Continent North America
Originating Country Canada
Originating Province Quebec
Originating City Puvirnituq
Culture Inuit
Geographic Cultural Area Nunavik © Société des musées du Québec