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Current Condition Remarks (Specimen/Description)

Field used for ethnology and history collectionsField used for fine and decorative arts collectionsField used for science and technology collectionsField used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)Field used for natural science collections


  • This field contains remarks by the person or people who assessed the current condition of the specimen.


  1. Remarks fields are for information that cannot be entered in any other field.
  2. This field is used in conjunction with the Current Condition and Current Condition Date fields.

     Current Condition poor
     Current Condition Date 1988-08-08
    Current Condition Remarks The specimen cannot be displayed without major restoration (J.B.).

Entry rules:

  1. Note the information clearly, concisely and consistently.
  2. To maintain an audit trail of this field, enter the initials of the person who made the remark, in parentheses, following each remark.

    The condition of a specimen was assessed on May 24, 1999 by Lesley Duffin. On April 15, 2000, the museum planned to display the specimen. The current condition was assessed and Lisa Granger determined that part of the specimen was damaged.

     Current Condition poor; excellent
     Current Condition Date 2000-04-15; 1999-05-24
    Current Condition Remarks The left wing is damaged (L.G.). The location presents some risks (L.D.). © Société des musées du Québec