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Quantity Replicates (Specimen/Description)

Field used for natural science collections


  • This field contains the number of duplicate or replicate specimens or the number of herbarium sheets bearing the same collector's number.


  1. Use this field when the record includes identical specimens.

    The museum has three specimens of Bryoria capillaris, including two duplicates.

     Genus Bryoria
      Species capillaris
      Quantity Specimen 3
    Quantity Replicates2
  2. N.B.: Do not confuse the Quantity Specimen field with the Quantity Replicates field. The Quantity Specimen field comprises all the specimens included in the record, whereas the Quantity Replicates field corresponds to the number of specimens included in the record that could be exchanged with or loaned to other institutions.

    Your institution's herbarium has ten specimens of painted trillium. Seven specimens are in poor condition and so are not suitable for exchange. Three specimens are in excellent condition, but you wish to keep two in your collection. One of these three could be exchanged with another institution. The information would be entered in the record as follows:

      Discipline botany
      Species undulatum
      Quantity Specimen10
    Quantity Replicates 1
      Current Conditionexcellent (3); poor (7)

Entry rules:

  1. Enter a whole number, without fractions or decimals.

      Genus Atanycolus
      Quantity Specimen6
    Quantity Replicates 3
  2. This field may not contain more than one entry. © Société des musées du Québec