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Research Date (Site Data)

Field used for archaeology collections (object data and site data)


  • This field contains the date on which research activity began on the site.


  • This field is used in conjunction with the Site Research Activity and Site Researcher fields.

    A site evaluated by Bernard Armoudian on July 8, 1989, and where tests were conducted by Julie Bresciano on May 24, 1990

     Site Research Activity evaluation; test
    Research Date 1989-07-08; 1990-05-24
     Site Researcher Armoudian, Bernard; Bresciano, Julie

Entry rules:

  1. Enter the year of the activity in the form YYYY (Y for "year").

    Research Date 1956
  2. If the month and day of the activity are known, enter the information in the form YYYY dash MM dash DD, in numbers only (Y for "year," M for "month," D for "day").

    Pietro Battalio visually identified a site on March 26, 1957.

     Site Research Activity visual identification
    Research Date 1957-03-26
     Site Researcher Battalio, Pietro
  3. This field will contain several entries if there have been several research activities. Since the earliest activity is the most important, enter the most recent data at the end of the field. Entries should be separated by a semicolon followed by a space.

    Tests and initial excavations were done at the site by Babeeta Chabra on April 29, 1989, and more excavations were done by Chabra starting May 15, 1990.

     Site Research Activity test/excavation; excavation
    Research Date 1989-04-29; 1990-05-15
     Site Researcher Chabra, Babeeta; Chabra, Babeeta
  4. If you know that research activities took place on a site before a certain date, enter this date, a space and the abbreviation "P" for "prior to."

    Several objects from the same site were acquired by your institution before 1957. You therefore assume that excavations were conducted at the site prior to 1957.

     Site Research Activity excavation ?
    Research Date 1957 P
     Site Researcher unknown
  5. If you are unsure whether your information is correct, include a space and a question mark after the date.

    A site excavated by Albert Mukele, probably in 1895

     Site Research Activity excavation
    Research Date 1895 ?
     Site ResearcherMukele, Albert
  6. If you are unable to determine the date despite your research, enter "unknown".

    A site excavated on an unknown date by an unknown researcher

     Site Research Activity excavation
    Research Date unknown
     Site Researcher unknown © Société des musées du Québec